On professional communication

My question is: How polite is too polite?

Having recently been submerged in a world of non-stop professional communication, I am wondering how polite is too polite? How many ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are enough?

Lets start with the main prerequisite: I want to be kind and polite and easy to work with and responsive to requests. However, I am beginning to realise that sometimes it might be better to NOT reply. Could it be better to just leave their Inbox short of yet another message? What is your answer to that? What do you prefer? One less message, or one more with yet another ‘thank you’ and ‘please’ and ‘kind regards’?

And what about when answering to a client? Is more than one ‘thank you’ in a message too much? Is it OK to show willingness like that or is it getting too much? I am concerned about creating an uncomfortable atmosphere when the recipient of my response simply doesn’t have the time or the energy to worry so much about politeness.

Please send me your thoughts and advice. I would also really welcome tips for handling professional communication and phrases you love to send or to receive.

Please send me your thoughts in a reply.

Thank you so much

Kind regards


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