Happy Mother’s Day

So happy to be their mum

I am really happy to be their mum.

I wanted to have children ever since I remember myself. I wanted to be a model mum. The most loving mother ever. I still do.

Soon after the birth of my first one I realised that being ‘the most loving mum ever’ often means setting rules, defining boundaries, raising my voice and feeling clueless.

One day they will understand. Not now because now both are teenagers.

I only hope they always know I care. I try my best, and sometimes I make mistakes.

Sometimes I say too much and sometimes too little. I am never quite sure which is when.

In any case, I thought it might be a good idea to write a message to say that today – and every day – I am very happy to be a mum. No need to wish me ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

Being a mother is no easy thing. It takes a lot more than love. You should know that. Everybody should know that. It comes with a lot of responsibility and self-doubt. At least in my case. Maybe you are one of the confident ones. Are you?

Are you maybe a mother that feels certain about all her answers? Do you feel confident about all your decisions? If you do, please send me a tip or two!

Many thanks

Our community

This is a post about our community, about who we are and what unites us. This is an opportunity to introduce myself and explain my reasons for being here. I want us to learn from each other. I want us to discuss how we can get inspired and live our passions, and also how we can balance dreams and reality.

Who we are

We are the women who care about elegance and style and this is neither our profession nor our only concern. We strive to balance those in a full life with limited resources.

We live complicated lives. We have a job full of demands, a partner that expects us to be superheroes and serene at the same time, we have children that need our care.

We desire to do our best

  • to do great at work and look the part every day. Own the perfect look, and the right set of skills for that promotion
  • to host dinners with home cooked goods without losing composure
  • to organise the loveliest party with a personal touch, care, attention
  • to attend family gatherings of any kind without losing our temper while wearing the right attire

Introducing myself

I am here to provide a platform for our explorations, for our communication, for sharing tips and ideas. I am here to discuss balance  and the challenges it poses. I will review books on our favourite subject, style, and post my notes on a separate page in this blog. Next week I plan to post my thoughts on my favourite book so far! It’s a surprise! I have read quite a few already but feel free to make suggestions; I’d love to read them all.

In this blog you will find tips and posts about organising a beautiful party without losing your mind. I will also provide an outline for scheduling the preparations. The focus is on delivering without forgetting about yourself. To remember the food, the decor, the dress, and also to breathe.

Sharing our passions

I want us to get to know each other, exchange notes and ideas. Find the images that inspire us in books, magazines and online and share them. I want to discuss ways to live our passion.

Firstly, choose to live your passion!  Then you will find the way. Make it a priority and form your world accordingly.

Practically this means create room for your passion, in your mind and in your life.  For me that means clearing my office space from old school books and redundant notes, and putting in a bookcase. I want it to be red. And then I absolutely need to place an inspiration board above that bookcase. I can almost see my board full of pictures of colourful china, tranquil rooms and outfits that take me places.

On balancing dreams and reality

How do we do all that in a complicated life with complicated finances?

Balance comes into play here. There is much to say about finding balance. Lots of posts will follow on this topic as it constantly intrigues me.

I will be writing lots about balancing the options and choosing the best one for you. About disentangling yourself from perfectionism and choosing the solution that is right for you.

The tailor made version of things that compliments your character, and lets you shine through the adversities and the challenges of everyday life.

The main thing is to stay focused

Don’t forget what’s important to you

Go for the little things every day. One step at a time, only make sure you remember where you are going.


 It is evident that this is about belonging, about common ideas, and common priorities.

It would be amazing to take this community forward and empower each and every one of us. Drive progress and improvement with tips and ideas.

For our peace of mind and our styling choices

For our presence in the outside world and inside our minds

For our fulfilment and happiness and love for ourselves and others.

Receiving feedback would be amazing so please send me your comments using the reply button below. Thank you so much!




Your rainbow

You have the colours, you have the brushes. Paint your paradise and in you go.


A quote from Nikos Kazanztakis, a Greek writer nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature nine times.

When I first read this, it was on a wall in an office. I was there for business reasons but it transported me to my paradise. It made me imagine that I was under my rainbow. Upon return home I bought watercolours and painted a rainbow on my kitchen window. Under my rainbow I painted a heart. Every time I look at it I feel good.

Where would you like to paint your rainbow?