What do you think about Life Coaching?

Have you heard the term Life Coach before? Apparently Life Coaching is a rapidly growing industry that brings an annual revenue of over $ 1 billion in the US only. People today want a Life Coach to help them do better and achieve more.

What does a Life Coach do?

Today people want to reach their biggest goals and dreams. They want to do something special and meaningful for the rest of their lives. Life Coaching is about helping people take their life, career or business to the next level.

People today want to:

  • Set clear goals and find a way to achieve them
  • Manage their time more effectively
  • Create momentum and see results
  • Become better versions of themselves

What is Life Coaching then?

Life coaching is very different to psychological therapy, as it focuses on moving the individual forward and it has nothing to do with looking back at past issues and trying to resolve traumas. A Life Coach is a consultant, a friend, a motivator, a person that holds you accountable to your own decisions.

This doesn’t mean however, that anyone can do it. The successful Life Coach, needs to have both:

  • the knowledge to identify the core issues
  • the talent to energise and motivate the client to act

What do you think about Life Coaching?

Would you be interested? Would you try it? Personally, I would hesitate to allow someone so much into my life and into my thoughts and my dreams. This sort of thing seems far too personal to me to be hiring someone to help; no matter how skilled or talented they might be.

Would you be tempted to hire a Life Coach? Would you like to have a professional help you make your dreams come true? Send me a reply and share your thoughts.

How to inspire a teenager. Any ideas?

Well, I need some ideas for teenager inspiration. Can you help?

Life is full of surprises, we know that by now. And one thing is absolutely certain, that things change! As I was growing up, I used to think nothing would ever really change. I don’t know why I believed that so firmly.

About a decade ago, the dialing codes in my area were changed. When I first heard of that, I thought it was impossible. How could the telecommunications company change all those numbers? I thought the numbers  would simply stay the same. Needles to say that the numbers did change; at least twice since then. I was so surprised when this first happened. And I was also surprised when Internet arrived at my house. I still remember the sound of the connection the modem made. Loud and strange and it clearly signified that something new was arriving in the room. Obviously I also thought that the mobile phone idea would never catch on…

Today I am a huge fun of connectivity and new technology. I love learning about all the new things that are entering our lives like Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning and Big Data and Internet of Things and so much more. I love all that. I love the tools they provide for change. Because change is here. It always was, and it always will be. I know that now, and I welcome it.

 My only concern is that my children, and all the children, appreciate what is happening. It is important they know that things change, and they need to be ready for it. Strong and prepared and actually looking forward to changing. Not in a bad way but in an exciting way.

And that is why I need your help! How do we motivate them? How do we explain the necessity for readiness? I strongly believe that they need to be inspired, to fall in love with the prospects of our times.

They can instantly communicate with everybody everywhere and learn and play and share and participate. How do we inspire them to enjoy that and not take it for granted? To live their life to the fullest? How do we inspire them to learn, and then learn some more so that they can play an active part in forming their future?

I so want them to be in charge of their lives. To be ready and strong and decisive. To claim their identity, their autonomy, their dreams. No limits, no restrictions in terms of growth and development. Oh, I so want children to grow strong and powerful. To know that it’s up to them to build the person they want to be. To know that they can, and they must. To know that this is their privilege and their destiny. To claim the power to determine their choices, use their successes and their failures to pave their path to their happiness.

Any ideas?

Coding your uniqueness into a web page.

As soon as I completed the HTML course, it was time to move to CSS, the styling tool for our web pages. I am new to this and quite determined! Curious to find out more about this digital world that invaded our lives and improved them so significantly!

So, I started learning CSS a few days ago. I have chosen Codecademy for this endeavour because their platform is easy to use and the learning paths are clearly presented. They offer great introductory options that enlighten the newcomers and ease them into the world of computer science and web development.

HTML and CSS are the coding languages to learn for any wannabe web developer.

The way things are moving forward, everybody would benefit from learning how to build web pages. What I love about coding is that it entails experimentation. One has the ability to play around with all the various options and create their own unique online identity, rather than utilise the prefabricated options available to all. This freedom to build a personalised online presence is very appealing.

Open laptop with code on screen
Writing code

The path on CSS starts with CSS Setup and Selectors. Several symbols suddenly appeared in the page without much of an introduction. Attention to detail is definitely needed in order to understand the logic and clarify in your mind where everything goes. Grouping information together using classes is one new aspect, as is marrying the two languages together. Prioritising the specificity of the selectors is also a challenge.

Linking the two codes together needs to be addressed carefully so that the browser can apply the styling code to the correct elements of HTML. A lot of practice is definitely needed, and a very clear view of what one aims to achieve. There is a lot of room for trial and error, which is something that might go both ways. One can end up with a haphazard outcome,or one might stumble on a magnificent styling idea by accident; not a bad prospect.

New ideas often come from experimenting.

It’s early days for me and I’m looking forward to having that experience myself.

I definitely do recommend learning both languages since their outcome is right in front of our eyes every day. It is a part of our lives and I dare say it even forms a part of our identity, considering all that variety of online communication in our daily lives.

As always, I would love to read your thoughts on this. Do not hesitate to send me your reply below. All the best to your online travels!