Thoughts on moving forward.

Have you thought of humility as an incentive to move forward?

Humility can free us from seeking perfection. Accepting that there is no right or wrong can be freeing. Accepting that that there is only one necessity, and that is to move forward, to learn and grow.

That is our duty. Progress. Mistakes will happen, and that’s OK.

Progress is the ultimate goal

If you accept progress as the ultimate goal, then all else falls into place. Learning, growing, making choices, practicing your skills and developing new ones.

Clearly, development happens through learning. Both learning cognitive skills and learning yourself.

To succeed you need to be authentic, be yourself, be honest.

The warrior spirit

There is an ancient Hindu script that talks about dealing with inner conflict. According to the story, a peaceful warrior needs to decide whether to fight or not. His friends and family are under threat. If he fights, he betrays his non-violence vows. If he doesn’t fight, he isn’t protecting them. True to his peaceful principles he is ready to go to his death. But what about his duty to his family?

According to the parable, in the end, he decides to embrace his warrior spirit and fight. There is wisdom in this story that can bring clarity and relief if you are dealing with inner conflict.

Forget perfection

He decides to fight when reminded that protecting his family is his duty. And he must accept that he is not perfect. He is not the perfect peaceful warrior; he cannot be. He must become humble enough to accept this and escape the deception of absolute ideals.

Let’s accept we are not perfect and let this lead us to growth.  

There is no right and wrong; rather there is the necessity to move forward.

We need to handle with grace and dignity, anything that life throws at us. Remember that there are no wrong choices, only lessons to learn.

Escape fear

Sometimes it is the fear itself that is the problem. Life is full of frightening possibilities, and mistakes are easy to make. The fear of making the wrong choice is often worse than any given option. But you are here to fail as much as you are here to succeed.

Inevitably some choices will not have the desired outcome, but that’s irrelevant. That’s part of moving forward — part of conquering fear.

Part of choosing a warrior spirit over inaction. I do feel strongly about that.

Do you? What do you think about the need to evolve as a person?

About growth as a priority?

Send me a reply with your thoughts. I’d love to read it.  

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