Happy Mother’s Day

So happy to be their mum

I am really happy to be their mum.

I wanted to have children ever since I remember myself. I wanted to be a model mum. The most loving mother ever. I still do.

Soon after the birth of my first one I realised that being ‘the most loving mum ever’ often means setting rules, defining boundaries, raising my voice and feeling clueless.

One day they will understand. Not now because now both are teenagers.

I only hope they always know I care. I try my best, and sometimes I make mistakes.

Sometimes I say too much and sometimes too little. I am never quite sure which is when.

In any case, I thought it might be a good idea to write a message to say that today – and every day – I am very happy to be a mum. No need to wish me ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

Being a mother is no easy thing. It takes a lot more than love. You should know that. Everybody should know that. It comes with a lot of responsibility and self-doubt. At least in my case. Maybe you are one of the confident ones. Are you?

Are you maybe a mother that feels certain about all her answers? Do you feel confident about all your decisions? If you do, please send me a tip or two!

Many thanks

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